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Vintage TV Canada to launch autumn 2016

October 20, 2016

Vintage TV is thrilled to announce its entrance to the Canadian market. Launching today, Vintage TV Canada is available exclusively on Shaw Cable on channel 178 (channel 140 in Winnipeg), Shaw Direct Classic on channel 519, and Shaw Direct Advanced on channel 219.

Vintage TV is more than a successful music channel; it is a brand that offers multiple touch points across a variety of platforms built around strategic partnerships. Vintage TV Canada is forging these relationships across different industries in Canada, from music labels, music awards and satellite radio to concert halls and even airlines with an exciting new partnership with Air Canada, who have signed a licensing deal to offer Vintage TV programming as in-flight entertainment.

Vintage TV Canada will be building on six years of experience and success within the brand. In the UK the channel has become one of the most popular destinations for music programmes – with an average daily reach of over 200,000 – beating the reach of a range of entertainment offerings delivered by major brands such as Sky, MTV, Discovery and BT.

As well as having access to more than 500 hours of original content produced by Vintage TV in the UK, the Canadian team will also be creating their own original programmes with Canadian artists, both established and up-and-coming.

Vintage TV Canada’s Creative Director is Alan Cross, an internationally known broadcaster, interviewer, writer, consultant, blogger and speaker with 35 years in the broadcast and music businesses. Alan is excited to be part of Vintage TV’s vision in Canada, “I believe that Vintage TV is the kind of serious, intelligent music TV that Canada wants and needs. It’s not about lifestyle and celebrities. Vintage is a channel that treats music and artists of all eras with the respect they deserve”. Nathalia Browning is also on board as the General Manger of the channel.

Vintage TV Canada has the expertise of a diverse Board of Directors, including Sunni Boot - former president and CEO at ZenithOptimedia Canada, Deane Cameron - President and CEO of The Corporation of Massey Hall, Roy Thompson Hall - former President and CEO of Capitol-EMI Music Canada and Rita Cugini, a communications industries expert.


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Vintage TV Canada contact: Channel Manager Nathalia Browning

Press contact: Sara French at Piñata Media (UK based) +44 7900 541 939